Your WiFi is spying on you – and it’s about to get worse

WiFi SensingA company in Taiwan recently presented a developing WiFi tech that can be used to monitor your location, heart rate, breathing patterns, sleep cycles, and much more.

The company’s techie bossman, Doctor Tzi-cker Chiueh, claimed that, “Channel state in modern Wi-Fi is susceptible to minor environmental changes.” These tiny changes can be used with an algorithm he helped create that can do breathing rate estimation at 95 percent accuracy over 5 meters, and heart rate measurements at 83 accuracy at a 1 meter distance.

As it turns out, using WiFi sort of like radar is nothing new; it’s been around for a number of years now.

But there are two little details that nobody is mentioning which could make this “WiFi Sensing” much, much more common in the years to come…


Is your DNA an EMF antenna?

DNA is a Fractal Antenna?!There are hundreds and hundreds of studies showing that our wireless wonderland of EMF is not good for our health.

But you might ask: Well, HOW?

When we say “EMF”, we’re talking about many different types of electromagnetic waves, different frequencies, different power levels, and so on.

How could it possibly work?!

It turns out that the answer may very well be in our DNA!


Make Android TV work with a USB Ethernet Adapter

AndroidTV USB Ethernet AdapterThese days, streaming is all the rage.

Whether you have a smart TV, a streaming stick, Blu-Ray player, soundbar, or even some projectors, many of these gizmos come with Android TV built in.

Too many of them also only have WiFi – no Ethernet jack to be found! This is particularly irritating for those of us who want to go wired and avoid the Wireless Wonderland.

So, how to get Ethernet? Well, you just buy a USB-Ethernet adapter, right?

Yes – sort of…


Why phone SAR ratings are silly

SAR ratings are useless!The Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR, of a phone shows how much energy from radio frequency waves is absorbed by body parts – head, torso, whole body, etc.

The idea is that phones can be certified as “safe”, while also allowing some sort of comparison between different phones. In reality, the whole thing is a bit of a bad joke.

Even the FCC admits SAR is a pretty useless rating!

Join me for another fascinating look inside our modern “Wireless Wonderland”!