This page contains the various files that are mentioned in my posts. All the files are conveniently collected right here for your perusal.

Unless otherwise indicated, everything was written by me, and is freeware.

Oh, and if you like something, host it on your own site to save me some bandwidth!

Network Tools

LAN Scanner Tool v2.02 (2.5 MB)

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This is the latest version (v2) of LANscanner. You can read more about it here. This version works differently, but it does work on Windows 10 1709 and later! It’s also faster.

LAN Scanner Tool v1.68 (2.5 MB)

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This handy little executable is a bit large since it’s written in Ruby. Simply put, it opens a command prompt window and scans your LAN. It then displays all computers on all available Windows workgroups along with their IP addresses, MAC addresses, and which computer in each workgroup is the Master Browser. No more tedious command-prompting to figure out which machine isn’t doing its job as the Master Browser!

It will run from any drive (including a USB stick) as long as Windows is installed somewhere on the puter in question.

LANscanner now speaks English, Swedish, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, and Czech. It also resolves MAC addresses for linux-based devices using Samba. Finally, you can pass it the following options:

  1. -ip  =  Sort output by IP addy instead of puter name
  2. -w WORKGROUP  =  Scan only the workgroup called WORKGROUP
  3. -e WORKGROUP  =  Scan all workgroups except WORKGROUP
  4. -n = Suppress the “Press any key to exit…” message at the end
  5. -m = Only displays the MASTER browsers found
  6. -nodeip [IPv4 addy] = Specify the IP of the network adapter you want to scan from in the case of multiple network adapters (including VirtualBox Host Only Network adapter)

Tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 8.1U x64, Windows 10


Battery Life Tools

CrystalCPUID-Reset (200 kB)

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Written by BenKewell. Original file is available here.

This handy little utility allows you to run CrystalCPUID automatically using a neat little script and an included Windows task you can import with Task Scheduler. Instructions are included. CrystalCPUID is required. For more information on CrystalCPUID, please see the post How to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life A LOT with CrystalCPUID. Thanks go to BenKewell for this seriously handy utility!

Tested in Windows 7 on an Acer Aspire 1410 and an HP DM1