Which CPU is best? Hold on to your hats!

Best CPU December 20202020 has been a crap year all around, but the battle of the fastest processor has been pretty interesting.

AMD is rising, Intel seems to be falling, and Apple recently switched to their own home-grown ARM-based chips.

So, which is best? Which CPU is the fastest?

As usual, it’s complicated…

Going forward, let’s just say that 2021 will be an even more interesting year as the battle heats up and consumers get more speed, lower power consumption, and even lower prices!


Help! My screen is suddenly upside down, sideways, or backwards!

Ah, yes…

Sometimes your cat decides to walk on your keyboard. Sometimes you just type the wrong key combination. And sometimes, all you have to do is bump or move your laptop in the wrong direction, and BAM!

Suddenly, the image on your screen is rotated to the left, rotated to the right, or even upside down.

The first time this happened to me, I darn near had a fit.

Not to worry though: It’s not Russian hackers doing it, and it’s rather easy to fix!


The Intel SU2300 does NOT have “SpeedStep” as you know it

©1976, MGM

I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it any more!! (great movie, Network was…)

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Intel couldn’t write a driver that takes full advantage of the GMA500 in certain netbooks, now apparently they’ve resorted to sneakily “modifying” what “Enhanced SpeedStep” actually does.

I’m talking about the Celeron dual-core SU2300 processor in those fabulous “thin and light” notebooks that are quickly replacing netbooks so that everyone (except you) can make more money.

So, what’s the problem? The SU2300 does not have the “SpeedStep” that you think it does… which explains why no one can get it to work!


The Truth About the Performance and Capabilities of Intel’s GMA 500

©2009 Intel

©2009 Intel

Alrighty, I just can’t stay quiet about this one. I’ve had enough.

I’m talking about Intel’s GMA 500 graphics chip. You know, the one that’s in all those Z-series (and soon Pine Trail-based) netbooks, the one that gets all the bad reviews, and the one that is generally regarded as less capable than even that ancient, stinking heap of a graphics core, the GMA 950.

Well folks, think again. In fact, the GMA 500 is capable of simultaneous decoding of two (yes, two) 1080p streams, 3D graphics, and DirectX 10.1 – and all that in a 2.3W power envelope (at least in the US15W “Poulsbo” chipset).

So why don’t you see this awesome performance on your netbook or MID?

It’s really quite simple…