2 June 2020

5G QnAIn this episode, I answer some questions and comments left on my various 5G videos – especially 5G is just the tip of the iceberg.

Since I posted that video 2 years ago, it has received almost 6000 comments. Many are informative, supportive, and heartening.

And then there are the “other” comments…

Join me for a deep dive QnA – and a bit of fun!

Off we go:

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That’s all, folks!

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5G QnA: Why lions and chickens are different
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One thought on “5G QnA: Why lions and chickens are different

  • 2 June 2020 at 21:46

    Dear Scottie

    Thank you so much for all that you are doing to make people aware of the dangers of non-native EMF (as opposed to native EMF, e.g. the sun which offers the full spectrum of light, thus being very different from light that is man-made … or the earth’s natural magnetic field which is how our bodies know “what time it is” via our SCN or suprachiasmatic neucleus – that little thing inside our heads that operates as a master clock and determines when it’s time to secrete which hormones when). This video in particular was very entertaining; there aren’t many people I know who can balance science & humor with the same ease of producing a Jane Austen movie, so my hats off to you.
    A research tip for you as well as a for your readers/watchers are the plethora of blog articles produced by Dr. Jack Kruse, a neurosurgeon who has made it quite apparent in his writing how much non-native EMF is damaging to our bodies. Here is a link to his many articles addressing blue light (a form of non-native EMF) coming off every device we have that has a screen and how it impacts our health in a negative way: https://jackkruse.com/?s=Blue+Light
    And that’s just 1 form of non-native EMF.
    I used to suffer from many health issues because of EMF sensitivity, but my sensitivity level has lowered quite a bit since implementing a few of Dr. Kruse’s suggestions. I have since found more effective, less expensive ways to curb this sensitivity. Regardless, non-native EMF and its impact on health is real, as much as people would like to believe it’s not. They are like the frog in hot water; the water just hasn’t become hot enough for them yet to realize it is a real danger.


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