So you’ve read all the studies about our Wireless Wonderland, and you’d like to go wired.

Wire your house with ethernetBut where to even start?

It turns out that wiring up your house or apartment with ethernet cables and switches is WAAAAY easier than most people think.

It’s literally a plug-n-play kind of thing.

There are a few things to keep in mind though before purchasing gigabit ethernet switches and Cat 7 ethernet cable…

Note that I generally don’t advise people to use ethernet-over-power line adapters.

The first reason is because they usually don’t give you the same speeds as switches + cables. The second reason is because they introduce “noise” on the electrical wiring – as opposed to ethernet cables which are twisted-pair and shielded.

Having said that, the power line adapters might come in handy in, say, a rental situation where you don’t want to drill holes. Then again, you can certainly get creative with your ethernet cable routing… I do!

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