70th YT vid special: We sometimes forget about the best tech around: LIFE!  Mother Nature perfected “AI” ages ago…

This little dude showed up one day. He’s a hedgehog. His name is Herbie.

Normally, hedgehogs are nocturnal, but Herbie showed up in the middle of a sunny Spring day right smack in the middle of the yard.

Clearly, he was very sick. He could barely move, and should have been hidden away somewhere to sleep during the day.

But with a little treatment, 5-star accommodations, and lots of love, he came back to life!

This is Herbie’s story:

He had a wide variety of his favorite hedgehog foods to choose from, but he ignored most things and ate mostly ground beef. Go figure.

During the first week when he was still very sick and in the hospital, one of his hedgehog buddies showed up one night at the door. I think he missed Herbie!

His treatment included plain old Vitamin C along with nanoparticle silver solution.

The Vit C can be found everywhere, and you should definitely check out the silver sol at LifeSilver.com! It works wonders.

And so, they all lived Happily Ever After…

Tune in again next week for another humdinger of a techie video on our Wireless Wonderland!


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