4 December 2018

We all know what happens when your puter gets all dusty inside: it gets noisy!

Cooling fans start spinning like crazy. If things get bad enough, your CPU can even overheat, halting the system.

To avoid this mayhem, you should dust inside your computer twice a year.

But what to use? Dishwasher? Washing machine? Garden hose? Hydrochloric acid?

Just kidding!

All you need is… air.

Goodies in the video:

So, put away the garden hose, and enjoy quiet computing again!


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How to safely clean the dust inside of your computer
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2 thoughts on “How to safely clean the dust inside of your computer

  • 4 December 2018 at 14:01

    One should always blow the dust off in the direction OPPOSITE of the normal air flow.

    Further, heat sinks and other cooling fins should also be carefully blown free of dust. Sometimes it is more effective to remove some fans, heat sinks and fins from the ‘puter and blow them off. Elsewhere of course (like outdoors).

    Power supplies are the worst item to clean as they tend to be self-contained in a case that does not lend itself to thorough cleaning. Removing the power supply from the ‘puter case is almost impossible, as it’s one of the first things installed when the ‘puter is assembled. Which means many things have to be removed to free the power supply case.


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