First, remain calm. Second, watch this video!

A tripping circuit breaker or GFCI/RCD/differential breaker can be really annoying. It normally doesn’t happen.

When it does, the end result can be that you run around the room with your undies on your head, screaming like a wildperson.

Obviously, if your vacuum cleaner is charred and black and there’s a funny smell in the room, you’ve just figured out why the breaker tripped. But usually, the problem is a bit more subtle than that…

It turns out that with a bit of work, you can often cleverly narrow down the problem to one gizmo and save yourself some money – without setting anything on fire!


Even if you do need to call an electrician, at least you’ll be able to give some information about the problem that should result in fewer hours charged!

To learn breaker panel basics, see my earlier vid: EEK! #5 – Breaker Panels aren’t so scary after all

Power outlet tester:

Most importantly, try not to electrocute yourself! It hurts. ⚡

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