TinyPNG Rocks!So, you’ve got some images. You need to plop them on a web site or something.

Abnormally, you’d be a Photoshop Master.

By using approximately 750 secret keystroke combinations and seemingly random clicks, you’d have yourself some images that have been optimized for minimal file size and maximum quality.

But you’re not abnormal.

And like me, you are not a Photoshop Samurai.

What to do, what to do?

So, the solution is totally awesome… You’re gonna love this.

Just go to: TinyPNG.com

You’ll see something like this:

TinyPNG Homepage

All you need to do is drag and drop your images onto the drop zone at the top of the page, and then wait a few seconds.

The cute little panda will optimize the living crap out of your images, and present you with download links to grab the much smaller files. And it’s all free!


It works for PNG and JPG images, which is by far the majority of images on “The Internets”. Got PNGs with a transparent background? No worries! It handles them just fine.

Watch as your 40kB image is magically shrunk down to 11kB with no apparent loss in quality. And you don’t need a PhD or anything!

If you are a Photoshop Nerd, they also offer a paid Photoshop Plugin.

But the web version is totally free.

Long live Cute Panda!

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