The difference between FLA, SLA, VRLA, EFB, and AGM lead-acid batteries

Lead Acid Battery TypesIn the olden days, you had this thing called a car battery. Lead, acid, you’re done.

Nowadays, there are so many different types of lead-acid batteries. Plus, everyone will give you different advice on which battery to choose.

Is it for a car with Start and Stop? Can you use a new-fangled battery in an old-fangled vehicle?

Which one lasts longest? Gives you the most energy? The best bang for you buck?

Read on for a simple guide to lead acid batteries!


The $16 battery tab spot welder

The Amazing $16 battery tab spot welderI’ve been looking for a cheap battery tab spot welder for 18650 lithium-ion cells for awhile now.

The usual ones just aren’t worth the cost. For example, for half the cost of a welder, I could buy at least 2 brand new power tool battery packs.

Enter the $16.99 Portable Mini Spot Welder!

At that price, it was worth a shot…


Lithium Polymer vs Lithium-Ion batteries: What’s the deal?

LiPo = Li-ionIf you’ve got any kind of gizmo – laptop, tablet, e-book reader, cell phone, MP3 player, cordless screwdriver or drill, etc. – then you’re using lithium-ion batteries all the time.

Lithium-ion batteries, often abbreviated as Li-ion, are extremely common these days.

But what about so-called Lithium Polymer batteries, also called LiPo or Li-poly batteries? Are they really better?

If you believe the marketing folks, yes they are. But, as it turns out, you’ve been fooled just like me!