Convert files to the format you need in just a few clicks

Convert files the easy way!You know the drill: You’ve got an image, audio, video, or document file.

Either you can’t open it, or you need to convert it to a different format to send to someone else.

You could use complicated software, but why not do it in just a few easy clicks?

With File Converter, you can convert video files, turn video into audio files, change Word docs into PDFs, and a whole lot more.

And it’s FREE!


Why your WebRTC calls aren’t working: Timing is everything!

WebRTC Code ExplainedWebRTC is pretty cool. It allows any web browser to make voice and video calls to any other browser – no extra software required!

The problem is that while there are tons of guides and gobs of sample code out there, nobody really explains how it works.

The end result is that you program away, and then discover that OOPS! It’s not connecting…

So, let’s see how to make WebRTC actually work!


QUICK FIX: No more Snagit Mic Error!

Snagit unable to record FIX!Video captures are pretty easy with Snagit. There’s only one problem: That dreaded ‘No Mic’ error!

It’s almost made Snagit infamous instead of famous.

Solutions abound, but THIS one actually works.

It’ll cost you a few bucks, but the same trick works with other video and video capture software.

Which probably means it’s a Windows issue in the end, but whatever…


Jack up your Windows audio with Voicemeeter

If you’ve ever tried to do any kind of serious audio processing on a Windows puter, you know just how crappy the basic Win audio mixer and controls are.

Want to connect a digital mixer via USB to your puter? Good luck getting your recording software to work properly with both audio in and out.

Want to route audio from one app to another, like from recording software to Skype? Good luck with that, too.

Fortunately, a buddy of mine recently introduced me to a fabulous range of (free) software that turbocharges Windows audio.

Did I mention it’s free?


How to Fix Audio Static and Slow Typing in Windows

Or not...Oh boy, this one was a humdinger.

Of 12 computers running either Windows 7 or Windows 8, every single one of them was experiencing one of the following problems:

  • Static, stuttering, and variations in playback speed when listening to MP3 or other audio files
  • When typing, there would be a huge delay between when a series of characters was typed, and when they actually appeared on the screen. This happened in numerous applications, including Firefox, Word, and Thunderbird.
  • YouTube videos would either not load at all, or the connection would crap out frequently and just sit there while “buffering”
  • Skype! Oh boy, Skype was a real pain to use, if it worked at all

So how do you solve all these problems? It’s easy! Your turn off real-time web protection in MalwareBytes.

And if that doesn’t work, read on for more useful tips…