Restore your PC after a bad Windows UpdateIn recent years, Microsoft hasn’t done a very good job with updating Windows 10.

Even those updates that are ‘fully tested’ often end up royally screwing up some computers. Everyone just assumes that a new Windows Update means crashes, blue screens, and stuff that doesn’t work anymore.

What if you could just roll back your PC to before the update, and prevent it from installing again?

Well, you can!

And it’s much easier than you think…

Without further ado:

Note that sometimes, you’ll need to use the F8 key to get into the Windows Recovery Environment. On some motherboards (Asus for example), this is also the key you press to get the Boot Device Menu if you want to boot to something other than your C: drive.

Not to worry! Just press F8, select your main C:, and then immediately keep tapping F8 again… It might take a few tries since you have to be quick.

It really depends on your computer, and sometimes the Boot Menu is opened from a different F-key. Fortunately, a quick internet search should clear things up in no time.

That’s it! Now you’re all set – at least for the next 35 days! 😉

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