Tin Foil your Phone!There are quite a few smartphone cases, Faraday bags, and other little gizmos out there that claim to protect you from the phones RF waves.

A common method that people use is to line one (or both) sides of their phone case with good old aluminum foil.

So, the question is: Does tin foiling your phone really work? How much? And where exactly should you put the foil?

Watch to find out!

Let’s take a look:

Note that while the foil will reflect some of the RF energy away from your body, it isn’t 100% protection.

Radio wave propagation is an entire science in and of itself… In short, it’s complicated!

Also note that you could increase the protection by using several layers of foil separated by packing tape or some other non-conductive material (like plastic).

You could also use copper tape, which would perform a BIT better. But as always, the best protection is to just TURN IT OFF when you’re not using it!

Goodies in video:

That’s all she wrote.

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