A lot of people these days are talking about protecting their online privacy.

We have hearings going on, threats of breaking up Facebook and other Big Tech companies, data leaks, and so on.

Many people are going so far as to boycott Google (which is easier said than done).

But so far, no one – except Mozilla – is talking about the biggest threat to online privacy: Browser Fingerprints.

Browser fingerprinting is a technique where a simple chunk of JavaScript code embedded in any webpage can be used to generate a unique ID and track any user no matter what they do.

None of the existing privacy protection tools available to us can stop these things. Not yet, anyway.

Join me as I take a peak at browser fingerprints and explain what to do about them:

Links mentioned in vid:

Panopticlick – Browser Fingerprint demo from the Electronic Frontier Foundation

That’s all she wrote!

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