28 May 2019

Q-Link works?!Many people have asked me about the Q-Link and other similar gizmos.

You’re supposed to simply wear them, and they strengthen your body via “resonance” such that you are even protected from the negative effects of all kinds of EMF.

Well, I used to think that was nuts… Until my doctor friend said she loves hers!

So, I decided to take another look. It had been almost 20 years since I first decided they were just snake oil. Plus, I suppose with age comes the knowledge that we’re not always as smart as we think we are.

It turns out that the result of using these things is actually rather interesting…

Let’s take a look:

Links to stuff mentioned in video:

As it turns out, the placebo effect is not so nutty after all:

Try it for yourself:

Go figure.

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EMF Protection: These Q-Link things actually work?!
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2 thoughts on “EMF Protection: These Q-Link things actually work?!

  • 7 July 2019 at 02:44

    Still using it Scott?
    Any noticeable change or does initial “feeling” wear off?


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