In the olden days, our gizmos had electro-mechanical power buttons. When the thing was turned off, no power was sent to it.

Nowadays, things have changed with the advent of electronically-controlled everything – including things like washing machines.

You can even look at the specs of most gizmos these days, and you’ll see two power ratings: Max power consumption, and “Sleep” power consumption.

Puters haven’t been off-off for a long time now. Smartphones are also never really off in many cases, and neither are smart TVs.

In and of itself, that’s not really a problem… Until certain agencies and groups and hackers decide to exploit these “features” to do evil things.

Mind you, this is nothing new. Smartphone hacks to turn phones on remotely and spy on their owners have been around for at LEAST ten years. Dumbphones are no different!

And there ya have it!

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