23 January 2018

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge upsurge in “political correctness” and certain “social movements”.

From James Damore being fired for speaking his mind in a very “leftist” corporate culture, to Amazon’s Alexa declaring that she is a feminist, to DNA testing services telling everyone they’re African to “combat racism”…

It seems that amidst all this political/social mayhem, our tech has essentially been weaponized.

We may still have separation of church and state, but it seems that the political and social views of tech corporations are being pushed onto people via their products.

I don’t think that’s a wise course of action…

Without further ado:

It took me half an hour to calm Cletus down after that one!


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Get your politics out of my tech!
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One thought on “Get your politics out of my tech!

  • 28 January 2018 at 12:54

    Welcome to the world of ‘wanna be’ AI. PC-ness has taken over. Perhaps the most egregious example is YouTube’s de-monetizing channels which have content YouTube (mama Google) finds offensive. Just remember, however, that Google is regarded by some as being the most likely to create self-aware technology (due to their endlessly deep pockets). Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have both warned of the dangers inherent in this revolutionary development and it seems painfully obvious these are valid concerns. What is never mentioned is that the dark side of it is inevitable. Good folks, whoever or whatever they are will, of course, ensure that AI is benign…. What the fuck do you suppose all those hackers out there will be doing–and that doesn’t even contemplate what the likes of North Korea might do (fortunately, they are much smaller, resource-wise, than Google). I just watched your faraday box video. Brain scanning is becoming more intrusively advanced every day… Mark my words: to protect our privacy in the future from AI empowered continuous monitoring by the ‘nanny state’ to preserve Political Correctness we will all require faraday cages for our heads. In other words, that tin-foil hat we all laugh about will become an inevitable reality.


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