Notepad++: The best free text editor for Windows

If you’ve ever tried to open a text file in Windows that was not a Word Doc, you’ve no doubt been smacked in the face by the abomination known as Notepad.

Notepad is Windows’ built-in text editor. At this point, I think the program has not been changed since… forever. And it shows.

Notepad is slow, it has almost no features, and generally people just pray until they’re done doing what they need to do just so they can close down that flaming pile of garbage.

As it happens, there’s a great all-purpose text editor you can download for free, and it’s WAAAAY better than Notepad.


Sublime Text: A Programmer’s Text Editor for the Rest of Us

Ya know, I program a lot. I also create a lot of web sites. So, having a good text editor is kind of essential.

For the longest time, I’ve been searching for a good programmer text editor like TextMate.

Unfortunately, I shun Macs like the plague since I can build better, faster, more reliable puters myself for 1/3 the price, so TextMate wasn’t an option. And I most certainly will not run a hacked version of OS X just to get TextMate!

At first, I used jEdit. It’s okay, but not quite what I was looking for. Then, I switched to NetBeans for my Ruby on Rails stuff, and Notepad++ for everything else. Well, that worked okay, but NetBeans RoR support is pretty lacking these days.

Furthermore, I wanted to get the heck away from these darn Java-based text editors. That’s really just silly.

Enter Sublime Text 2!