Make it stick with Superglue Secrets!

Superglue SecretsWho doesn’t love superglue?!

Well, I suppose there are some people who glued their fingers together one time…

Anyhow, superglue is still super-useful. There are just a few tricks you should keep in mind for best results.

You can save a ton of money and even unstick your fingers in record time.

So join me for the secrets of of my favorite adhesive!!


Superglue: Everything you need to know, and some things you don’t

Superglue: Be careful with it!Superglue is awesome.

Originally discovered in 1942 by American scientists who were trying to come up with good transparent gun sights during WWII, superglue is the “sticks to everything” goto adhesive for all your gluey quick-fix needs.

And frankly, until you’ve superglued two fingers together, you really haven’t lived…

Anyway, there’s probably a lot about superglue that you’ve never heard before. So, read on, and then you can go impress your friends with your amazing knowledge of cyanoacrylate adhesives!


How to Remove SuperGlue from your Fingers and Skin

Hope he reads this post!

Everybody loves superglue. It bonds darn near anything to darn near anything else, darn near instantly.

There’s only one problem: it also bonds skin.

Another problem: it’s hard to remove from skin once it dries – or even before it dries.

Most people will tell you to use nail polish remover. Others will spend way too much money on official “Superglue Remover” products.

But there’s a very simple way to remove superglue that works in seconds…