WordPress white screen quick fix

Many people use WordPress on a server for a blog, online stores, and so on.

It’s great software since it makes creating a “fancy website” accessible to those who are not so technically inclined – which is most of us!

There is a problem many people see when using WordPress that has become known as the WSOD, or White Screen of Death. Basically, one day you try to load any page on your WP site (including the admin pages), and all you get is a blank screen.

When this WSOD happens, there is 1 trick that I have found works better than any other…


Bad RAM: Recognizing Defective Memory Problems in Your Computer

A lot of people think that defective RAM modules are easy to detect. They think that if you get a blue screen of death, the error message will reveal that the memory is bad, and that’s that. Problem is, it’s nowhere near that simple.

There are two steps to diagnosing bad RAM. The first is that you are able to recognize the possible symptoms of bad memory, and the second is actually using a tool to confirm that your theory is correct. Then you just replace the bad module, and off you go.

A defective memory stick can cause a LOT of different problems, some of which might surprise you. It may seem that your hard drive is corrupted or defective, when in fact it’s the RAM that’s bad! It can all get very confusing.

And so, here I shall endeavor to describe what to look out for with your RAM, and what to do about it.