How to install ImageMagick 7 on Ubuntu

ImageMagick 7 on Ubuntu Server 18.04ImageMagick is great. It allows your web app to process, resize, filter, and do all kinds of other nifty things with images.

Not so long ago, ImageMagick 7 was released. One of the big new features was full support for WEBP images, the new image format from Google.

Now, you might think it’s easy to just upgrade to ImageMagick 7. If you’re using a linux OS like Ubuntu, you just apt install and you’re done, right?

Well, no…


Installing ImageMagick from Source on Ubuntu

I like Ubuntu Server. I really like apt-get, because I don’t have to do any work at all to install stuff. It’s a piece of cake.

Unfortunately, sometimes installing using apt-get doesn’t work, or maybe the software I need isn’t the latest and greatest version on the Ubuntu repository. In such cases, there’s only one option left: installing from source.

That means downloading, extracting, configuring, building, debugging, etc. Most people shy away from doing this because it isn’t fast and easy, and stuff can break.

I recently had the opportunity to install the latest version of ImageMagick on an Ubuntu server, and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be!

Here’s how you do it…