Windows 8 Freezes or Hangs: The Fix that Worked for Me

Windows 8 will be released to the masses in October of this year. As a developer, I’m lucky enough to get Windows 8 RTM a bit earlier.

Despite what everyone is saying, the new Start Screen really isn’t that bad. In fact, it will be very nice once all your apps are updated to take full advantage of it. And contrary to popular belief, the desktop is still around, and everything works pretty much like it did in Windows 7.

Still, I have a few gripes: There are no more gadgets. Instead, there are live tiles on the Start Screen. That’s lame.

Worse yet, I have experienced the infamous hanging/freezing issue that was supposedly fixed during the testing phases of Windows 8.

In short, every 30 minutes or so, my puter would lock up for about 30 seconds, the hard drive would be pegged to 100%, and then everything would go back to normal.

Like I said, Microsoft supposedly fixed this in the test versions of Windows 8 – but it seems they didn’t, really.

There are many solutions to be found on Google, but there is only 1 that worked for me…