How to rename a bunch of files at once

Windows 11 PowerToys!Let’s say you have a folder with a ton of files, but they all have super-long file names.

For example, a folder with a bunch of video files like this:

ENG SUB【Story of Yanxi Palace 延禧攻略】EP50 Starring Wu Jinyan, Qin Lan, Nie Yuan, Charmaine Sheh.mp4

Wow, that is a CRAZY-long filename. What’s worse, it has Chinese and other weird characters in it. Those might screw up your streaming media player, for example.

Well, okay: How to bulk rename a bunch of files at once?


Green Files in Windows Explorer: What they are, and how to fix them

Green Explorer Folder?Every now and then, you might get some files from a friend or family member.

Maybe they e-mail them to you, or maybe you copy them over via a USB stick. In any case, the files are often compressed, like in a ZIP file.

So, you dutifully double-click the file, extract it, et voila! You’ve got the files.

There’s only one problem: the extracted files’ and folders’ names are displayed in green text.

Normally, they are black.

What do green folders mean, and how do you make them go away? Read on…