VCRUNTIME140_1.dll FixitWell, this is a fun one.

One day, you go to run some application. Instead of loading like normal, you get this weird error stating that code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found.

The error message may have a slightly different name, but VCRUNTIME gives us a clue as to how to fix it – and fast!

Let’s take a peek…

DO NOT do this

What you do NOT want to do is download this DLL file from just any old web site.

There are quite a few posts out there advising people to download the DLL from their site, and copy it into the Windows System32 directory.

Don’t do that.

Unless the file comes from a site you trust, you may be in for more trouble than you think with such an easy fix.

The right way to fix it

Easy! Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

From the above page, most people will want to download the x64 installer.

Not to worry: if you pick the wrong one, it won’t install anyway.

After downloading the installer, double-click to run it. Allow it admin permissions, and you’ll see this:

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Installer
Just check the license terms checkbox, and click the Install button.

When it’s done, try running your application again.


Now, what the heck did I just do?!

Simple. Many applications out there require Microsoft Visual C++ runtimes to be installed on your puter.

Now, normally, installing an app like the Firefox web browser will include these runtimes for you.

Sometimes the runtime is corrupted, but more frequently what happens is that UNinstalling one application (that installed the runtimes) removes those same files – regardless of whether or not other apps still need them! Oops.

So, you could reinstall the problem app, but it’s much quicker and easier to just grab the above Visual C++ Redistributable installer, run it, and you’re done.

Wasn’t that easy?

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