Thunderbird v102: ROCK-n-ROLL!!!In my last article, I told you NOT to push the button in order to try the new Thunderbird v102.

Well, they fixed the glitch, so you can safely upgrade if you want.

Keep in mind that v102 of Tbird is still in a more-or-less “release candidate” phase.

They aren’t pushing 102 out to all users yet – you have to go to About in Settings and manually Click the Button.

In many cases, you won’t even see the button yet, so only a select few are even being offered the new version of Thunderbird so they can iron out all the wrinkles before unleashing the upgrade on the masses.

More on how to get around that later!

So what was wrong?

Well, it seems that this bug was actually related to another bug whose fix reads:

Ensure mbox outputstreams are closed after writing message.

IOW, it’s complicated. But it’s fixed now!

How to get the new Thunderbird no matter what

If you’re feeling brave and you do NOT see the Upgrade button in About, then you can just download and install Tbird v102 from their homepage.

Obviously, if the Tbird Team haven’t released it to the masses, there still might be a few bugs to fix.

I’ve been using v102.0.1 for quite a few days now, and I’m not seeing any message loss or corruption at all. My add-ons work, and everything is ‘perfectly splendid’.

But if you like being an early adopter, fire away!

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