27 October 2020

Fastest Power Bank in the West!Power banks, portable USB chargers, battery banks… Whatever you want to call them, they’re very handy for charging your gizmos on the go.

The only trouble is that almost all of them take AGES to recharge themselves.

Even though many models support Quick Charging of your gizmos, the power bank itself usually only gently sips juice from the wall outlet as it leisurely refills its internal lithium-ion cells.

Typically, you may have to wait upwards of 14 HOURS for a full recharge! That’s not very convenient.

Enter the RAVPower 26800mAh USB C Power Bank – with 30W quick-charging INPUT for a full recharge time of only 4 hours!

But the fun doesn’t stop there…

Behold 🎃:

Gizmos mentioned in the vid (affiliate links):

Enjoy your zippy recharge times!!

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FAST Power Bank: No more 2-day recharge times!
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One thought on “FAST Power Bank: No more 2-day recharge times!

  • 27 October 2020 at 15:25

    Thanks! that is what I have been Looking for. Now I just need to afford it.


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