10 March 2020

No-Google SmartphoneI’ve been using dumbphones for awhile now, but I started to miss some smartphone features.

Then a friend of mine mentioned LineageOS again. I decided to take the plunge… And I’m glad I did!

It IS possible to have a relatively private smartphone without all the Googley madness – even in this day and age.

But it does take a bit of time, patience, and some technical know-how.

Note that I don’t walk through the entire installation process here since it’s particular to your specific phone…

But at least you’ll be headed in the right direction!

Stuff mentioned in the vid:

That’s all, folks!

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All the smartphone features, none of the Google!
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2 thoughts on “All the smartphone features, none of the Google!

  • 11 March 2020 at 03:48

    LineageOS sounds interesting. Any way to mirror your LineageOS screen on an hdmi monitor/TV in a wired way? I have a display with an hdmi/MHL input but most phones dropped MHL output in favor of wireless solutions.

    • 11 March 2020 at 12:40

      Hmm, I dunno. It probably still depends on what the phone itself supports – at least to some extent. Of course, if you root the phone and play around with it, you can do darn near anything, but you’d have to be a real linux commando!


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