11 February 2020

EV Power ProblemThese days, it’s all about Going Green. And what could be more green than an electric car?

Zero emissions, baby! Well, sort of…

While the acceleration may be awesome, the range leaves something to be desired. And range is directly related to power – specifically, the available power from a battery pack.

What’s more, the power to charge the battery has to come from somewhere, and that “somewhere” is the electric grid. So what happens if all of a sudden, everyone gets an electric car?

Well, in many places, it wouldn’t be pretty. Some regions would need to DOUBLE their current grid capacity. And all that extra juice has to come from somewhere… and it ain’t coming from solar or wind power!

Off we go:

Stuff from the Video:

World Energy Consumption graph through 2018

That’s all, folks!

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The Power Problem with Electric Vehicles
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