12 November 2019

Nokia 2720 Flip 4GThis one’s a double header!

First, I quickly review the new Nokia 2720 Flip 4G dumbphone.

Then, I talk a bit more about exactly why dumbphones that run KaiOS are really NOT smartphones.

Did I mention that the 2720’s HUGE buttons are an absolute joy to use?

Or that it’s the first phone (of any kind) that I’ve had in years that actually fits in my pocket?

Off we go:

Videos mentioned:


That’s all, folks!

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Nokia 2720 Flip + Why KaiOS dumbphones are truly smart
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6 thoughts on “Nokia 2720 Flip + Why KaiOS dumbphones are truly smart

  • 13 November 2019 at 01:14

    It is a stark Trek Phone, Mr Scott.

  • 25 November 2019 at 02:42

    What are your thoughts on KaiOS User Agreement since they are in Hong Kong, China?

    A while back I thought they were USA based at one point? Anyway I have the Tracfone ALCATEL MYFLIP (A405DL) w/ KaiOS 2.5 on it. I’m still evaluating it before replacing my LG 306G 3G Feature Phone w/ a Touch Screen and unknown OS – IT’S NOT ‘Google Spyware as OS’.

    The funny thing is my phone costs $20 something and has the same problem as SmartPhones costing hundreds more, can’t answer calls or hang-up at times. And of course my phone is way more secure since there’s NOT an App for That and I love that! I switched to Fedora Linux full-time almost 3 years ago and never looked back! It’s that good 8)

    • 25 November 2019 at 13:43

      My take on it is that we already know several things:

      1. The NSA/Google/FB/Whatever sucks up as much data as they can get. We’ve had numerous revelations on this front, so that’s pretty much indisputable.

      2. “They” are spying literally on the entire world.

      3. I don’t live in China or Hong Kong, and China lately is not in the habit of installing ~700 military bases all around the world, monkeying with everyone’s political systems and economy, and so on. The more powerful they become, the more that will change – most likely.

      So, at the end of the day, Western corps and gov’ts are currently affecting my privacy and my rights WAY more than China is. I suppose you could say that at this point in time, China is the lesser of two evils.

      That’s not ideal, but there it is. At any point in time, generally speaking I will always side with the Little Guy against the Big Guy for the simple reason that multipolarity is a good thing. When one country/group amasses too much power, they get away with a lot of things that don’t do anyone much good.

      The sad thing is that there IS room in this world for multiple large powers. Historically, they always end up trying to crush each other. Apparently, it never occurred to any of them that they could choose to work together and simply co-exist as great powers. Go figure.

  • 23 April 2020 at 16:30


    I just bought a Nokia 2720. I’m wondering if there is an easy way to get rid of the pre-installed apps? I don’t want the google apps for example…

    Also, using two Sim cards, will it drain the battery quicker? It doesn’t seem to last as long as I had hoped.

    Thankful for help!

    • 23 April 2020 at 18:04

      Only a few of the preinstalled apps can be uninstalled (from the built-in app store). The Googley stuff must stay, I’m afraid…

  • 23 April 2020 at 20:26

    Ah, ok… too bad you can’t choose which ones you want. :/ Thanks for the info!


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