Chrome Color ProblemIf you’re like most internauts these days, you use Google’s Chrome web browser.

You may have noticed that after a certain update, Chrome started displaying colors incorrectly.

The change can be subtle, like with bright blues and purples appearing slightly “off”.

Things can also appear totally wonky, and your whole browser window can be tinted red, for example.

Fortunately, this is a known problem and there’s a very easy way to fix it!

Improve your screen color

First of all, it may help to calibrate your screen for proper colors.

For more information on how to calibrate your screen, see my fabulous video here:

Make any LCD computer screen high-end

Even if your screen is properly calibrated, you may still run into the Chrome Color Problem…

How to fix the Chrome Color Problem

Recently, I was working on a Progressive Web App project that is supposed to have blue hyperlinks.

Unfortunately, the “blue” was actually purple.


Chrome Color Problem ComparisonOh, lovely.

Note that the top shows what the color is supposed to look like: blue!

The bottom shows what I was actually seeing, but only in Chrome. In Firefox, the blue rendered properly.

I used the Web Inspector in both browsers to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Yup, the RGB hex code of #0024f1 was correct.

Then, I verified with Paint.Net that indeed, Chrome was not showing the proper color – just to ensure I wasn’t losing my mind.

So how did I fix it? Easy!

First, open a new tab and go to: chrome://flags

Search for: color

Chrome Flags - Force Color Profile

Next, change the option for Force color profile to something else, preferably sRGB:

Chrome Flags - Force Color Profile - sRGB

Finally, just click the Relaunch Now button that appears at the bottom of the tab.

Aaaand, you’re done!

Your colors should now appear correctly.

If not, you can choose a different option in the pull-down menu.

My own screens are calibrated, but it seems this problem can occur regardless of calibration.

It’s pretty sad that the world’s most popular browser can’t properly do something as simple as color, but at least now you know how to fix it!

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