9 July 2019

Q-Link ResultsWell, the results are in: I’m keeping my Q-Link!

While nothing really happened at first, I did actually notice certain improvements when using this crazy thing.

I still can’t explain how it works, or if it’s just the placebo effect. But, whatever it’s doing, it’s doing it well… at least for me and several other people I know!

For an intro, see my first vid on the Q-Link and various studies and tests done with it.

The results:

Links to the good stuff:

Try it for yourself:

Go figure. And finally:

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My results using the Q-Link – YMMV
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2 thoughts on “My results using the Q-Link – YMMV

  • 9 July 2019 at 13:40

    Can you post the Amazon link for the device you are keeping? I’d like to see the specific device you find helpful.


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