With Firefox version 66.0.3, you probably found that all your add-ons have disappeared.

Firefox disables them and tells you that they are not compatible.

Not to worry: There’s a super-easy fix to get them back.

And you don’t have to reinstall them or anything…

Update: Firefox 66.0.4 has been released to fix the bug. Updating Firefox should solve the problem now.

The Story

Apparently, there is an intermediate SSL certificate that expired. This certificate is used to sign add-ons.

So, when it expired, Firefox declared everyone’s add-ons “incompatible”.

Somebody really dropped the ball!!

The Fix

First, open Options:

Then, click Privacy & Security in the left column, and scroll down to Firefox Data Collection and Use:

You’ll need to check the two boxes as shown:

  • Allow Firefox to send technical and interaction data to Mozilla
  • Allow Firefox to install and run studies

The second one is the important part!

Restart Firefox for good measure, and wait a few minutes…

Your add-ons should magically re-appear.

If they don’t, go back to the same Firefox Data Collection and Use screen above, and click the View Firefox studies link. You should see this:

If you don’t, wait a bit longer and eventually it should show up. Once the last highlighted hotfix appears, your add-ons should be back.

When your add-ons are working again, you can disable those same 2 checkboxes in Firefox Data Collection and Use, and you’re done!

Well, not so bad, but dang…

Given Firefox’s declining userbase in the face of massive Chrome usage, this “little problem” certainly isn’t going to win Mozilla any awards – especially since the problem began on Friday, and you still have to jump through hoops to get your add-ons back.

There should have been an immediate update fixing only this issue as soon as the problem was discovered 2 days ago!


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