22 January 2019
Ethernet for smartphones and tablets

Many people have asked me how to use ethernet instead of WiFi with their tablet or smartphone.

While the idea is simple enough, getting ethernet to actually work with your gizmo can be anything but easy…

Some devices simply won’t work with certain USB-Ethernet dongles, and other devices won’t work at all with any dongle – period.

So, the short answer is: it’s complicated!

You often can find one that works though, so don’t lose all hope.

Also, watch the vid to learn some of the other pitfalls of getting ethernet to work with your smartphone or tablet.

What type of USB plug do you need on the dongle for your device?

Common USB plug types

For more USB plug types, see here: USB Receptable Identification.

Goodies in the vid:

That’s all, folks!

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How to use Ethernet for your Smartphone or Tablet
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One thought on “How to use Ethernet for your Smartphone or Tablet

  • 30 January 2019 at 21:23

    Good stuff Scotty.
    I hardwired my house w ethernet.
    I put my WiFi on a light timer.
    It’s off after bed.
    My smart meter transmission is reflected away from radiating into my home.
    Lyfeier makes stylish and comfortable EMF attenuating clothing.
    It’ll knock 4 bars on my iphone down to 2.
    Faraday Defense LLC has a fabric that’ll totally crush a 5G signal but it’s too rigid.


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