Microwave oven as Faraday cage?

Ever since I made my Stylish Smartphone Faraday Box videos, countless people have told me to just use a microwave oven, or just use an empty potato chip bag.

Well, no… And yes! It depends.

The truth is that Faraday cages don’t block signals – they attenuate (or weaken) them.

That means that depending on the situation – the phone itself, the signal strength, the microwave oven itself, and so on – it may or may not work.

I also demonstrate that my Stylish Smartphone Faraday Box Mark II has a serious amount of signal blocking power.

So if you want to be extra-sure, go Stylish!

Goodies in video:

Nokia 3310 3G Phone

MP3 Ring tone:  Everything Is Awesome!!!
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