Your average home WiFi router or access point often has a setting so that you can reduce its transmit power level.

This is pretty handy to know given what I talked about in my earlier video, Are WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G, and 5G bad for you?

The typical range for 2.4GHz WiFi is 150ft (46m) indoors, and 300ft (92m) outdoors. For 5GHz Wifi, it’s more like 50ft (15m) and 100ft (30m). The lower you set the power, the shorter the range – but the less you are blasted by the WiFi signal!

There’s no reason to leave the transmit power at maximum if you don’t need the range… As an added bonus, lower range means increased security since it’s less likely someone else will “see” your WiFi network.

If you only have WiFi from your ISP-provided Magic Box, and your only option is to turn the WiFi on or off, don’t fret!

You can purchase a cheap WiFi router, connect it via ethernet cable to your ISP’s box, turn off the WiFi on the box, and use the low-power WiFi from the new router.

It’s easier than it sounds!

If you need a good WiFi router:

That’s it!

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