Most of us have “surge protector” power strips. They are supposed to protect against power line surges due to lightning and certain power line faults.

But do they?

Well, yes… To a small degree.

But if you want some serious protection, you need a whole-house surge protector.

From a brief intro to lightning, to how surge protectors work and how to install them safely, this episode has everything you really need to know…

Just be aware that installing one is a tricky business, and it needs to be done correctly to protect fully against surges caused by lightning strikes.

Note that you may want to get one of these bad boys even if you don’t live in a “lightning-prone” area. Officially, I live in an area where they are not required – unless you have a lightning rod on your abode. I don’t!

But I noticed that my puter UPS was “ticking” on and off battery power due to overvoltage conditions – especially during storms.

So, I installed one of these puppies, and BOOYAH! No more surges, and my battery backup isn’t ticking like crazy any more.

Plus, it’s a small price to pay up front to prevent future damage to all my gizmos that would cost a whole lot more to replace!

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