Smartphones are nice, right?

They let you Do Stuff™, and you can even convert your entire social life to be run entirely via Google’s servers!


Well, according to a recent investigation by the Tucker Carlson clan, it turns out Google is hoovering up far more data than previously thought.

So, I finally decided to take the plunge: I’ve switched to a dumbphone, and I’ve never been happier…

Tuckered Out by Google

You can watch the Tucker Carlson Tonight video here:

Or here:

If that’s not enough to make you switch, I’m not sure what is.

The Deal

It turns out that your phone is vacuuming up data – including barometric pressure, if you’re on foot or in a car, and precise location data – even when the phone has no SIM card and is in airplane mode.

Well, we knew it was bad… But not that bad!

Even airplane mode won’t save you. In fact, in their investigation, airplane mode somehow resulted in the test phone collecting even more data.

That’s not surprising, because we’ve all heard the stories… Phones listening in on conversations and the person seeing an ad later for something mentioned at dinner, iOS giving update notifications even when the iPhone is in airplane mode, etc.

So, I switched to a Cat B30 dumbphone.

3G, no WiFi, no GPS, no countless fancy sensors, and the phone’s OS is a proprietary non-smartphone OS.

Of course, I’ll still use my smartphone for making videos, and both phones fit nicely into my Better Faraday Box.

Best of all, the Cat B30 only costs about $70, is waterproof, dustproof, and can survive a drop from a height of 1.8m.

Did I mentioned it’s also a dumbphone?

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