21 April 2017

You’ve got a cordless power tool or two. And that means you’ve got some over-priced Li-ion battery packs to run them.

What about cheaper aftermarket packs?

Are they good? Are they crap? Are they worth it?

Find out in this action-packed video…

BTW, the packs in this vid are surprisingly simple, without any of the fancier protection circuits. This is rather common in low-end and mid-range power tools with removable battery packs, which is what most people use!

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Aftermarket lithium-ion power tool battery packs: Are they worth it?
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One thought on “Aftermarket lithium-ion power tool battery packs: Are they worth it?

  • 21 April 2017 at 16:45

    Cool. If I ever need a new battery pack I won’t hesitate to buy an aftermarket one. Thank you. (The only other thing to say is you look too young to know so much, so thanks again.)


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