Windows 10 Upgrade, either you like it or not!Ooooh, man…

Well, it’s finally happened: Microsoft is basically tricking users into installing Windows 10.

That’s right. You now have to be VERY careful if you don’t want Win 10 to automagically download and install.

By now, we’re all used to M$ making decisions for us, but this one is just a bit over the top.

For the time being, there are still ways around it – but I’m not holding my breath…

So, what’s the big deal?

Well, in the past, you would get a prompt. The prompt would ask you if you wanted to download and install the Windows 10 upgrade. Okay, fair enough. I like choice.

Then, a few months ago, the upgrade prompt changed to this:

Windows 10 Old Upgrade Prompt
The only way to bypass the upgrade was to click the X in the upper right corner. IOW, close the window. Logical, simple, sensible…

But recently, Microsoft has changed the prompt yet again. Now, it looks like this:

Windows 10 New Upgrade Prompt
Notice anything? Yeah, not really. But now, if you simply close the above upgrade prompt window, Microsoft assumes this means you AGREE to install Windows 10!

Whoa thar, cowboy!!!

That’s pretty underhanded, even for Microsoft.

Tons of people have been screwed over into installing the Windows 10 upgrade when they didn’t actually want it.

Of course, there are still ways to prevent the automatic update:

But really, should any of this be necessary? I mean, come on!!

Well, in closing, I’ll repeat myself: Windows 10 is nice. It’s barely different from Windows 7. And as I mentioned before, the next time you get a new puter with a modern processor, your only option will be Windows 10.

So, you’re gonna get it sooner or later, whether you want it or not. But damn Microsoft! Maybe people would be more inclined to upgrade to your new OS if you weren’t trying to sneak it onto their puters. Ya know, that kind of thing naturally makes folks suspicious of your intentions…


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