How to Fix Audio Static and Slow Typing in Windows

Or not...Oh boy, this one was a humdinger.

Of 12 computers running either Windows 7 or Windows 8, every single one of them was experiencing one of the following problems:

  • Static, stuttering, and variations in playback speed when listening to MP3 or other audio files
  • When typing, there would be a huge delay between when a series of characters was typed, and when they actually appeared on the screen. This happened in numerous applications, including Firefox, Word, and Thunderbird.
  • YouTube videos would either not load at all, or the connection would crap out frequently and just sit there while “buffering”
  • Skype! Oh boy, Skype was a real pain to use, if it worked at all

So how do you solve all these problems? It’s easy! Your turn off real-time web protection in MalwareBytes.

And if that doesn’t work, read on for more useful tips…