WordPress and SSL: How to convert your WP site to use HTTPS

WordPress SSLEveryone seems to be moving towards using “SSL” (which is actually TLS) so that entire sites load with the HTTPS protocol.

In some cases, this is a rather simple affair. But if you have a WordPress-powered site, it’s a bit more complicated than one would expect.

After all, WordPress is supposed to make everything easy, right?

Well, no.

So, here’s a list of tricks to make your WordPress SSL Conversion go as smoothly and quickly as possible!


How to Fix “Internal Server Error” Problems on Your Web Site

Bad Kitty!So you’re merrily marching along, happy as a clam because you just set up a glorious new web site that uses, say, a PHP-based content management system like Joomla or WordPress running on a Unix or Linux server.

Everything is going well until suddenly, you start to get feedback from users that they can’t access certain pages or actions on your site. Worse yet, some people seem to be completely blocked from your site entirely.

The problem your users are seeing is a 500 Error, aka “Internal Server Error”. Most of the time, for most people, your site works great… But this is becoming a serious issue for some users.

What to do?