I shared a link on Facebook, but no image shows up

April 20th, 2015

Sharing an Image on FacebookAh, yes. Facebook and images!

You know the drill: You share a link, and you expect that an image from the page you shared will show up.

But, it doesn’t.

This is especially true if you’re sharing a link from a lesser-known site, like perhaps your own blog or online store.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to make Facebook – and other social networking sites – happy.

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Browser Fingerprints: What they are, how they work, and what it means to you

April 12th, 2015

Browser FingerprintYou may have heard of browser fingerprinting and its security implications. Then again, maybe not.

In either case, you probably haven’t heard the whole story.

A browser fingerprint is when, by visiting a web site, that site can generate an ID (or fingerprint) that is unique to your computer. The fingerprint can then be sent to their server, and you can be tracked.

No cookies required, no security holes required, no “Do not track me” setting can make a difference… Just plain old browsing the web will do it!

Okay, so how does this all work? And what does it mean?

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Reinstall all your programs at once with Ninite

March 29th, 2015

Time to Reinstall...You know the drill.

Your puter crashes, or you want to reinstall Windows, or you upgrade to a new version and do a clean install…

You can restore your data easily enough from a variety of backup methods, including Windows’ own Backup and Restore feature.

But then comes the fun part: Reinstalling all of your applications, one at a time.

It’s tedious, slow, time-consuming, and generally kind of annoying.

There’s a better way: Ninite.

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Why Yahoo is Rejecting Your Mail

March 22nd, 2015

Yahoo Mail SucksOh frabjous day!

At long last, I have managed to figure out why Yahoo enjoys rejecting lots of mail that is sent to its users.

You have probably encountered this problem before, especially if you happen to manage any kind of mailing list that sends HTML messages to even one or two people with Yahoo e-mail addies.

Yahoo bounces messages back at you with the message, “554 Message not allowed – [PH01] Email not accepted for policy reasons.”

What gives?

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Why Movies look like Soap Operas on your new TV – and how to fix it

March 8th, 2015

Soap Opera EffectYou buy a new 400″ TV. You hook it up, and pop in a DVD or Blu-ray disc.

You expect to enjoy a glorious movie-watching experience, but instead, your movies look like TV shows or soap operas.

What gives?

As it turns out, the problem is your fancy new TV. Get ready for this: it’s too realistic, and your brain doesn’t like that.

Read on to find out how to fix it!

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Make Your DVD or Blu-ray Player Region-Free

February 22nd, 2015

Unlock DVD Blu-ray RegionThis one is a lot of fun: You borrow a DVD from a friend, or you buy one online somewhere.

You stick it in your player.

And then, disaster strikes!

You get a message like “Region not allowed”, and the movie won’t play.


Welcome to the glorious world of Region Codes!

Sometimes, it’s possible to bypass this restriction, but it depends on your DVD/Blu-ray player.

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Why the Responsive Web Site Design is Dying

February 15th, 2015

The Almighty Grid!Oh boy… This is one of those topics that everybody loves to talk about. People either love it, or they hate it. I’m talking about so-called “responsive” web design.

A responsive web site will automatically adjust its layout based on the screen or device being used to view it. So, when I view a responsive site on my desktop puter, it will look one way.

But when I view the same site on my smartphone, the different parts of the site will rearrange and modify themselves so I that I get a “mobile-friendly browsing experience.”

There are several problems with this responsive approach.

The number one problem is that it doesn’t make any sense at all when you really think about…

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An Intro to Mail Servers and How E-mail Works

February 8th, 2015

E-mail rocks?Everybody uses e-mail. It’s great.

Not everybody understands exactly how e-mail works, and even fewer people have ever tried to set up a mail server. For those of you who have, I can pretty much guarantee you that you’re doing something wrong.

Even if you aren’t setting up your own mail server, you really should understand the limitations of e-mail, especially in terms of security.

So, in this post I’ll try to give a simple and quick intro to e-mail and mail servers

If you are an admin looking for a postfix or exim “quick answer” that you can copy and paste, you must read this more than anyone!

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Bad Computer Power Supply? Maybe not!

January 25th, 2015

Computer Power ButtonYou know the drill: You turn on your puter, and it doesn’t boot, beep, or do anything else. What it does do is power itself off again after a second or two.

Or… Your puter works fine, but it spontaneously enjoys turning itself off.

Whatever could be the matter?

Naturally, the first thing you’ll think of (because you’re a genius) is that something is broken – and you’ll probably guess that it’s the power supply.

Not so fast! There’s one thing you need to check first before you invest time and money replacing a bad power supply…

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How to Clean a Laptop with a Noisy Fan

January 18th, 2015

One day, you turn on your laptop. Maybe noThere's a better way...thing happens, or maybe you get some error message about fan speed, or maybe you just get a “system halted” message. Then again, perhaps your computer works just fine, but it’s starting to sound like a vacuum cleaner because the fans are running at full blast!

At this point, you may be inclined to freak out. But don’t go there just yet…

If this sounds familiar, it’s because you probably read my earlier post, How to Clean the Inside of a Desktop Computer. This edition is specifically for laptops.

Usually, cleaning the fan and heat sink inside your laptop is a lot easier than you might think.

With a few dollars and a bit of bravery, you can “dust” inside your laptop (without taking it apart, hopefully) even if you don’t know anything about how computers work.

If you can dust your house, you can dust your lappy!

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